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Pet Sitting.   Dog Walking.   Pet Waste Removal.   Farm Care.  Dog Taxi.  Home Care

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korbel and cats 013 (2).jpg


Pet sitting services provide your pets with the ultimate care while you are away. Your pets stay comfortable and stress free when they remain in their own environment and on their own schedule. 


My extensive experience allows care for dogs, cats, pet birds, reptiles and small animals like rabbits and rodents. They all will receive excellent care. 


Feeding and fresh water.  Administering medications including injections and SubQ fluids.  Playtime.  Litter box cleaning.    Small cage cleaning.   Light grooming.  Home care services - see Home Care. 


Basic visit ranges from 20 to 25 minutes.


25.00 Basic Visit (20 to 25 minutes)

35.00 (45 minutes)

Additional time will vary per Client 


Would your dog(s) love an outdoor excursion?

Daily dog walks gives your pup(s) a chance to get outside to get some fresh air & exercise during your long work days. Daily exercise and mental stimulation for your dog(s) is an important part of each dogs daily happiness!


Morning, mid day and evening walks are available.

Walks are provided at your location.   

Each visit includes: Walk time, lots of love, healthy treats, refreshed water, and playtime! 



Potty Breaks (20 min)

(Great for senior dogs and puppies)

Recurring: $25 

Drop In: $30

Daily Dog Walks (30 mins) 

(Walks for exercise & mental stimulation)

Recurring: $30

Drop In: $ 40

Extended visits are available at a higher rate. Request a custom quote for extended play.   

Requests for dog park play are accepted upon request. 

Rates may vary per Client.




No more stepping in dog doo when walking through the yard.  Pet waste removal service provides pick up of doggie doo on your lawn.  This service is available on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

Prices are based on an average size yard.  Larger yards will be at a custom quote. 



                  First Clean Up   $ 40.00


                        Once a Week                          Twice a Week        

1 dog                        $ 25.00                                $  20.00 per visit

2 dogs                      $ 30.00                                $  25.00 per visit

3 + Dogs                  Request a Quote                                   


Discount applies if this service is combined within the time frame of other animal care services.


Commercial prices available : Request  Custom Quote

Rates may vary per Client.


Whether you have horses, cows, donkeys, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks or any other farm animal. I've got the experience to care for them all. 


Farm animal services are a full range of services to fit your needs of your farm animals. 


Services include feeding and fresh water.  Provide water changes and fill water pools and tubs.  Ducks love fresh water to swim in.  Feed any necessary supplements or medications.  Apply fly spray.  Clean stalls.  Turn out to pasture or bring in.  Brushing.  Blanketing.  Exercising. 


I will work with you to provide any special needs and care necessary. 



Starting at $ 40 per half hour depending on needs.

Rate will vary per Client.


Request your custom quote today!

Free Range Poultry Farm


Does your pet have a "spa" appointment while you are away or maybe an appointment with the vet and you just can't fit it in your schedule?  Or needs to be picked up from doggie day care?


Pet Taxi service is the answer for your dogs busy social schedule! 


Pet taxi service provides your pet with transportation to and from a veterinary appointment,  grooming appointment or other travel needs.  I will stay with your pet throughout the veterinarian appointment.


Pick up & drop off Rates:

$ 20  One Way

$ 35  Round Trip


Attendant Service: 

$ 20 up to 30 minutes

$ 25 per hour after


Over 10 mile radius a .50/mile fuel charge will apply.

Rates may vary per Client.



Are you going to be traveling and need someone to check in on your home from time to time? Or maybe you have an emergency that pulled you away from the house so quickly, you weren't able to get all your ducks in a row before leaving?

This Home care service will take care of your home and special needs while you are away. Security is extremely important and I want to make your home have the appearance of being occupied.  Services include but are not limited to bringing in mail, newspaper or package deliveries.  Rotate lights, curtains and blinds.  Set alarms. Water indoor plants.  

* Custom quote will apply for the following additional services.

Emergency Alarm sounding, an unexpected storm has hit and you need peace of mind on the safety of your animals, and or home.. Notify me and I will go to your home and make sure that your animals are safe.     



Basic Home Care  $25.00 per visit

No additional charge for these services if combined within the timeframe of other animal care services.


* Request Custom Quote for:

Custom Home Care


*Emergency Care : pricing will vary on the situation           

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